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Citizens Advisory Group for Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District

We Support these Candidates for board positions:

Keith Marquand
"As an EMT, I will make it my mission to bring back the district ambulance service and see what we would have to do to respond to citizen’s health needs in the community."
Julie Becker
“I will bring my 28 years of experience at COCFRD to the board and be a watch dog of tax payers dollars, while supporting the volunteers and staff for the wellbeing of the department.”
Eric Stafford
“As a Paramedic, if elected, I will improve, repair, and man the Tidewater Fire station that so badly needs our attention, improving our safety up river.”
Pam Pitts
“Our District IS the volunteers and community. Communication must be more transparent and timely, well before a crisis point. We can do much more as a team!”

Our Vision

We, the four candidates for the Fire Board (Keith Marquand, Julie Becker, Eric Stafford and Pam Pitts), will do everything in our power to bring back the ambulances, open and man the Tidewater Station, implement a home health care solution where EMTs come to your home to determine your medical needs, and lastly “Put the Glue” back in the community so we can once again feel good about our Fire Department management.  At one time, we had tons of volunteers.  We will bring them back, as the volunteers are the backbone of our department.
No one was happy when the Board sold all our ambulances to PAC West, nor were we pleased when we received our tax bill earlier this year.  This is your chance to make a huge difference in the future Fire Board.  These candidates are dedicated to complete transparency between the Board, the Chief, the paid staff and volunteers as well as our citizens.  We are well qualified and determined to lead the district to a future of financial stability and dependable community services with well trained personnel maintaining our facilities and equipment.
We would appreciate your vote for our superb candidates.  They will make the changes needed to better the future of our Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District.  This is our goal, but we need YOU, the citizens, to come together to make this happen.  Talk to your friends and neighbors:  Get them as “fired up” about this election as they were when they saw their taxes skyrocket and their ambulances gone.  We need better leadership, and your vote is crucial.

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